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Kiln Dried Logs

Having been involved in the fitting of chimneys and wood burning stoves for many years Michael and Helen Oliver have developed an excellent knowledge of what makes a good log to compliment the stoves they fit.

They started selling logs in 2005 and have developed their production techniques over the years.  Last year saw their sister company, The Clun Log Company, invest in a biomass boiler and kiln so creating their ultimate log – the kiln dried one.

Why are kiln dried logs so good?

Excellent heat output

The Solid Fuel Association state that to achieve the same level of heat output you would need to burn twelve unseasoned logs but only three kiln dried logs. This is because we have removed the log’s moisture in the kiln so the heat the log produces as it burns can be given off to keep you warm and is not needed by the log to dry itself out first!

Cleaner burning

Wet logs produce water as they burn, this can condense on the inside your chimney along with gases and other particles from the burning log and cause blockages and corrosion. Kiln dried logs are cleaner burning and this also means less trips out with the ash pan!

Value for money

Because you need less of them, they burn hotter and are cleaner burning they represent excellent value for money!

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